TJ Drumline

By Ashley and Shannon Cusick

            Everyone who has attended a TJ football game knows the excitement that is felt in the atmosphere when they first hear the drum line leading the marching band to the field for pregame.  What they might not realize, however, is how much dedication these students have to learning new cadences and perfecting their image.  Starting with a grueling summer during which these students met every single week, they have practiced almost non-stop in order to be what director Mr. Mirabella says is their “personal best.”  Weeks of summer practice lead straight into band camp for these musicians.  All day, every day, for two full weeks, these students are completely dedicated to learning around a dozen cadences, two half-time shows, and a myriad of stand tunes. However, it doesn’t stop there.  Every day in class, and two days after school each week, they continue to work and perfect what they have learned. And their work has paid off.  They have survived numerous drum-offs, of course always victorious.  And they never fail to keep the band pumped up during football games.  Comprising this commendable group is four sections: the snare drums, bass drums, quads, and cymbals.  Together, they create an unstoppable beat that everyone is sure to love.