The Statesman Editorial Policy 2011-2012

The Editorial staff of The Statesman must, when choosing article topics and ideas, keep very pertinent aspects of professionalism in mind and maintain a code of conduct worthy to represent The Statesman.
  1. Is the issue discussed in the article pertinent with the time the issue is released?
  2. Will the article appeal to a wide range of readers, sparking interest in the rest of the issue?
  3. Will the article negatively affect a student, or group of students?
  1. When REPORTING topics, writers must maintain a clear, unbiased position and report FACTS, not personal opinions.
  2. When writing an opinions article, make sure position on topic is stated MATURELY and CLEARLY. Facts must be present.
  3. When writing an article, facts must be present and TRUE. No fabricated sources, events, etc.
  4. Editors are responsible for their writers, and writers responsible for their articles. This is a TEAM EFFORT.
  5. Answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?
  6. Articles must be submitted in a timely manner and with the correct editor.
  7. Send in a text version of the article, and the document form to ensure reception
  1. Photographs must be CLEAR and PERTINENT to the topic they are covering
  2. Photographers MUST provide the names of all persons in the photo and (if important) the location.
  3. Photography editors must ensure photographs are in the appropriate format and color the issue.
  4. Editors must verify the names and information in all photographs.
  5. Credit MUST be given to the photographer of each picture.
  1. Editors must proofread their articles for grammatical and spelling errors.
  2. Editors must ensure all facts and stories are true.
  3. Editors must check the maturity of the article, if it is not written maturely, it will not reflect well on The Statesman at all.
  4. Editors must make sure articles are submitted in a timely manner
  5. Editors of each section must communicate with each other and maintain a fluid dialogue so no articles are lost.
  6. Dialogue must be maintained amongst different editorial sections to ensure a fluid issue.
The Statesman will publish a factual, informative and entertaining newspaper and wishes to provide a forum for the expression of diverse viewpoints.
The opinions and views expressed in the paper do not necessarily represent the views of the administration, the advisor, or of The Statesman staff members.
The editors, advisor, and administration reserve the right to reject any material that is libelous, obscene, or poses an immediate and material disruption to the educational environment.
The Statesman will print letters to the editor and guest editorials as space allows. Letters must be typed, less than 100 words in length and signed. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit for length. The Statesman will not print obscene or libelous letters.
Advertisements that are obscene, misleading, or illegal will not be printed. The Statesman reserves the right to reject any advertisement. To place an ad, contact the advisor, Mrs. Beres, at